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The fandom hive of your other Other Mother- and sometimes your other Other Father. It really depends on the time of day and the amount of jazz music present.

Name three characters you think of when you think of me.


More art I made for Naomi Clark’s Consentacle.



I don’t know why Wheatley is always included on lists complaining about characters without a set human appearance being depicted as blonde skinny white dudes

other people like Cecil or that clock guy, totally understandable, but Wheatley is an ignorant and insensitive British-sounding dick who fucks everything up as soon as he’s put in a position of power

he is absolutely a white dude

i laughed harder than i should have.

All of the costumes and the fabrications for Inception were carefully chosen for their texture, patterns, and colors. Each character had a palette that was symbiotic with their character and style. - Jeffrey Kurland  (x)

America are still getting ‘The Boxtrolls’ teaser

meanwhile I saw it on the first available showing on the 17th.

NGL, this is a really nice thing to watch after we had to wait a month to get Paranorman in the UK. ;u;


Literary map of London


Characters from over 250 novels plotted in the parts of London they either called home or spent a lot of time. Designed by graphic artist Dex working with interior designer Anna Burles.





ok but does anyone else ever just

yes…yes i do


CORALINE Poster Comps


Back in April, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Mondo and design LAIKA Animation Studios’ premiere release of the CORALINE soundtrack on deluxe limited edition vinyl.


These are a couple poster comps based on the LP package I designed. Unfortunately, they were never printed, but thought I would share my ideas.



You can see more pics of the final soundtrack on my portfolio.

That’s so upsetting. I would have killed for both.