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The fandom hive of your other Other Mother- and sometimes your other Other Father. It really depends on the time of day and the amount of jazz music present.

the ghost in you - parapines fanmix 1/2 (cover art credit)

Of woods overflowing with mist and mysteries. [1. alt - J: Hunger Of The Pine; 2. Jónsi - Tornado; 3. Wake Owl - Wild Country; 4. The Ghost In You - When Our Bedrooms Were Once Haunted; 5. Hey Ocean - Islands; 6. Gotye - Hearts A Mess; 7. Paper Lions - Polly Hill; 8. Of Monsters And Men - Silhouettes; 9.The Paper Kites - Willow Tree March; 10. Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Don’t Go Slow; 11. Daughter - Youth; 12. Muse - Hyper Chondriac Music;]

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so at leeli’s insistence, i’m, um, back? and with a bunch of quick doodles of a crossover that’s bandwagon left over two years ago! :D (oops?)

but anyway, i’ve been watching a metric ton of gravity falls, so dorky bromances it is

(also, dipper! don’t just go solving mysterious, ancient puzzleboxes you find lying around; you know better than that!)


More animation stuff!



I’ve been busy with work and I barely have time to squeeze in something I want to do for myself. It’s refreshing.

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i should be asleep


check out these lil angels demons 

denby is always ready for a fight let’s go he was born for this he is pumped and prepared


went out in the woods with these guys and found a nice moss patch to take pictures!


'Nevermore Oddities - Est. 2012.' 

Decided to illustrate a proper look for the store where my characters such as Alex and Gabe the intern, spend their time working.